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The Spreading Cancer of Radical Islam

This facts in this video are alarming to anyone who wishes to preserve our freedoms and way of life.  This is no accident.  I believe the radical muslim jihadists are merely distracting us with our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They are using our own systems of government and our own decadence against us to devour us like a cancer.  Unless we wake up to the threat and treat it like it must be treated to stop it, we are a generation away from the end of America.  That only takes into account unchecked growth of muslim populations in our country.  With Obama and others doing their level best to give our country over to those who wish to destroy us, our demise will likely come sooner than that.  Think about it.  In 20 years everything that was America will be gone.  The constitution will be a historic document that will be banned.  Professing the Christian faith will likely get you killed.  Yet even the Christians in this country don’t have the guts to stand up and do anything about their own destruction.  Because of the cancer of liberal thought, we have become a self-centered nation that views having children as an inconvenience, a hindrance from hedonism.  We are seeing the last death throws of traditional, conservative values as America squirms under the oppression of Obama and the liberals.  Even that resistance is feeble.

Will you do anything to resist your own destruction?  I will do everything legally within my means, and when that fails they will pry my guns from my cold, dead hands.  My earthly freedom will be taken from me at death, whenever that comes.  And even then I will have only gone on to freedom in heaven.  What will you do to protect your freedom?  Where will you go when it’s all over?


2 Responses

  1. It’s you people who are actually crazy.


  2. Please elaborate. Rather than just name calling, please join the debate with some facts that we can all learn from. Emotion is not something you can base an argument on.


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