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Religion of Peace Update: Muslim beheads wife

I’m still having trouble narrowing this down to an understandable level. It’s apparently OK for a muslim man to behead a Christian, westerner, or muslim woman. It’s apparently OK for muslims to air television broadcasts that glorify the killing of non-muslims. It’s apparently OK for muslims to indoctrinate their children to hate Jews and Christians. However, it’s apparently not OK to draw a cartoon depicting allah? Any cartoon depicting allah? I don’t get it. I hear all this talk that I/we have to be more tolerant and understanding of muslims, but don’t hear anyone (especially any liberals, or those who have been cowed by political correctness) saying muslims must also be tolerant of us if they expect such treatment. Religion of peace? I think not. Oh, by the way. Islam isn’t just a religion, it’s a total system of government and a way of life.  Thus far the radical version that is being shown to the world has shown itself to be incompatible with the rest of the world.  If muslims want us to believe they are indeed peaceful, they need to do a much better job of policing their own.

If it bleeds, it leads … right?

Posted by Caleb (absentee) (Profile)
Friday, February 20th at 2:00PM EST

Have you ever heard of Ted Haggard? If you ever read blogs you have. He’s a recurring joke online, an underline to a meme. He’s a favorite bogeyman, a name trotted out to point at religious conservatives … J’accuse! Haggard cleans up in internet searches. His name is in lights on every left blog ever conceived by man or beast. There’s a documentary coming. His name pops up in TV Shows. Haggard, you see, proves all Christians are hypocrite jerks. That’s why left wing bloggers can’t wait to say his name every chance they get. They love it. They thrill to it. Are you a conservative christian with democrat or left-wing friends? Try talking to them about gay marriage. They’ll dump Haggard on your lap like he’s your personal spiritual mentor in under 10 seconds. You getting the picture here? We could also go with Jimmy Swaggart, if you’re older.

These men are guilty of the worst crime of all, if you’re a lefty. No, not adultery, although that was what they were committing. No, not lying, though they did lie quite a bit. You may guess hypocrisy, and you’d be partly right. But no, they are guilty of the worst possible thing. They are conservative Christians who are hypocrites. Talk about compounding your crime!

You think I exaggerate? Tell adulterer Jesse Jackson. No good? Need I mention the escapades of Reverend Wright? What, conspiracy-theorism and America-damning aren’t scandalous? Fine. So, how about murder? Does murder count? Is murder good enough for you?

Not just any murder, mind you. How about a religious figure who commits murder in a really hypocritical fashion? You know, like a civil rights activist keeping a sex slave and killing her. Or an anti-Death Penalty crusader killing someone who wronged him. Or, how about someone who dedicates their life’s work to creating a venue of understanding, a place where people can learn about how good and decent and non-murderous his faith really is. What about a religious person who ran a company or media venture, the purpose of which was to teach you that his faith doesn’t go around beheading people … well, beheaded someone. Big news right? I mean, when Christians sin it’s all the rage to get all enraged. It’s trendy to get offendy. So this would lead the news networks, then, right? Nope.

Much like the word adultery on Jesse Jackson’s wikipedia page, big stories and left-blog commentary about Muzzammil Hassan, a man who recently beheaded his wife, is mysteriously elusive. Hassan set up a TV network a few years back called Bridges. The objective of his station was to counter Muslim stereotypes and present a modern and integrated face of the moderate Muslim to America. I’d say he may have undermined that mission just a tad. But Hassan, you may note, is not conservative Christian.

Mark Steyn at NRO ponders the media’s obvious double-standard. Not simply with regard to tales of Christians in trouble, but with regard to their previous adoring coverage of Hassan when his station first launched. The press averts their eyes, though, to what, by standards applied to any other religion, ought to be a sensationalized story and provoke finger pointing at the faith. But it won’t, of course, because the faith in question is Islam. A quick search of google news confirms the relative obscurity in which this story unfolds.

What is it that the press doesn’t want to confront? Is it merely the old enemy of my enemy thing? George Bush was fighting Islamic terrorists, so the New York Times isn’t so keen on negative news about Muslims? Is it just political correctness run amok? Could it be fear of reprisal?

After all, when a Danish paper ran negative cartoons about Muhammed there was blood and fear around the globe. Shortly thereafter, provocative cartoon show South Park was censored: a scene showing Muhammed giving a salmon football helmet to another character was cut by Comedy Central. As a frame of reference, the same episode featured, uncensored, Jesus and George Bush defecating on one another and on the American flag. It would be very hard to argue that Comedy Central wasn’t censoring for fear of reprisal. (I’ll let you know, by the way, when worldwide Christian bloodshed breaks out in response.)

Leaving the media aside, I wonder where the left blogosphere is on this? Actually, I don’t wonder. Anyone who reads bloggers on the left knows that the only thing they are truly interested in is heaping snarky derision on conservatives and Christians. Everything else in the world is just background noise. Like Frank Schaeffer and an increasingly unabashed chorus of lefties, these bloggers really only believe in one evil force on this earth, and that’s conservatives and Christians. Whether they behead anyone or not. Unhinged? You bet.

The story of Muzzammil Hassan is of little interest to the mainstream press or the left blogs, contrary to their keen in interest in sensational “hypocrisy” stories otherwise. Although he received much praise for reaching out on behalf of Islam, he’s receiving little criticism for honor-killing his wife to the detriment of the image of Islam. That media silence is as deafening as it is, dare I say, hypocritical. And all in a day’s work for a press completely in bed with the left.


8 Responses

  1. A woman dies as the result of spousal abuse every 6 hours in the U.S.

    Those who murder these women are most often husbands, boy friends or very close male relatives,and for the vast majority of cases it involves the women having an affair with other than her husband / boyfriend.
    Now it would be a nice tribute to these poor women , that is 4 women every day who are killed . THIS is also honour KILLINGS, no , but Muslim name , and Islam makes a better headline. Shame on YOU !!, go and sort out your own house first!!


  2. I have been thinking,the Muslims when killing beheads in most cases, because when slaughtering animals for food they do the same, here in the west , we kill animals by striking on the head shooting through the head, and like Akhter points out we kill 4 women every day by not beheading, but by shooting , WHICH IS THE MOST HUMANE WAY??


  3. Actually, there is a fundamental difference. The men you are referring to kill out of anger and typically don’t behead their victims. Muslims kill because they are angry, AND their system of government/religion says that killing/beheading someone is acceptable. The killers in both instances are animals and should be at a minimum put away for life. Beheading might still be OK in the middle east, and it might have been OK a thousand years ago, but in modern society it is simply barbaric.


  4. So these men kill out of anger, and the muslim men kill for love of it , you are pathetic,and there is no government or any chapter of the Quran which says that , it looks as though you are some one who is easly fooled especially by websites like these, some kills your loved one for no reason ,you have a choice in Islam, either forgive, settle for blood money, or have that person hanged, done and dusted, modern society bull shit, its like some one comes to your house rapes your daughter, and as he leaves, you the so compassionate call that person back and say , my other daughter is upstairs, go and wash your face man!!


  5. Well, Frank, it appears that I may not be the only one with an incomplete or obscured picture here. I just spent a year in the middle east where I saw and worked with Muslims who were, or at least seemed to be peaceful and easy to get along with. They were open about their religion, their politics, and their society. I also worked with some who seemed just like the first group who actually turned out to be some of the blood thirsty beheaders we were discussing. Several who had been trusted individuals were caught in various activities such as sabotage, murder, planting IED’s, kidnapping, etc.

    As I’ve often said, if they are peaceful people and want to assimilate to our society, welcome aboard. That applies to any ethnic group. However, if your goal is to come to America and make it like your home, then just stay there. Many of my comments are addressed toward those Muslims who mean us harm, or who don’t want/intend to assimilate to this country. There is such a small minority of Muslims who speak out against the the practices most people associate with “radical” Islam that they have no impact. I hope more of them will speak out, and I will gladly ally myself with them.


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  7. […] Source: Religion of Peace Update: Muslim beheads wife […]


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